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Making Your Own Baby Food

October 9, 2010

Homemade baby food in Baby Cubes

Making your own baby food is so much fun! I have made baby food now for both of my sons and I must say that they are very good eaters, giving credit to my baby food making of course! 🙂

There are some really healthy store bought baby food options out there now. I use Earth’s Best Organic when I have run out of my homemade baby food stash. Earth’s Best not only uses organic ingredients, but it tastes really yummy(yes, I try them all). Gerber also makes an organic baby food but it doesn’t taste near as good as Earth’s Best. I think most grocery stores carry both of these brands, and others too. 

Should I use Only Organic Foods to Make Baby Food? Is Organic Food Better for Making Baby Food?

To make your own baby food (organic or non) all you need is:

  • A good blender or food processor (I use the magic bullet which works great)
  • an oven and/or stove
  • a peeler
  • water (I use purified spring water)
  • baby cubes or ice cube tray will work too

Here is the best baby food making site EVER! (not that I know of any others but this one is super). It gives you all you need to know about making baby food the correct way. I have used most of their recipes and they all work great.

Here is one of their recent blog recipes! Roasting Pumpkin for Tasty Baby Food Recipes and More!

I store my baby food in baby cubes. You can also use a regular ice cube tray but baby cubes are soooo easy and BPA free.

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  1. October 12, 2010 1:42 am

    Oh I love making my own baby food! I did it with my 1st and now again with my 2nd! It’s so easy too. I can’t believe more people don’t. You save an incredible amount of money over store bought and that’s even paying more for the organic veggies too. Plus I like knowing what is going into my baby’s food. No special additives and it’s made fresh! I also use the baby cubes, so easy to store in the freezer!

    How much do you make in advance? I usually have 2 different kinds of veggies and 1 fruit but I’ve been running out pretty quickly.

    • October 12, 2010 3:19 am

      Lately, I have been running out of my stash quickly too since my son is eating double what he was before. He will now eat 2 of my baby cubes! Luckily, he is starting to take to some small pieces of raisins, bread and will chew on a carrot and apple for long periods of time. He is teething too! I made batches 2 veggies batches and 2 fruits, some times I mix the veggie and fruit together. When I am making dinner, I sometimes just put the food I am making in the blender and give it to him. I feel like I am constantly making more baby cubes though which is why I need my back-up. I would prefer NOT to have the back-up. Thanks for posting!

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