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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep – A Beautiful Loss

October 24, 2010

Today I am thankful. I am thankful for my wonderful, loving husband and my 2 beautiful, healthy children. I realized today all the things I take for granted. Psalms 100:4 says, Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.

 Today was such a beautiful day. We had an appointment to get our family portraits made by my friend, Jessica Duplantis of Angel Eyes Photography. Jessica is not only an amazing photographer and artist, but has a huge heart for helping others. After arriving at her house for our shoot, we decided to take some photos outside and made our way though the woods by her house. She began telling me about her next appointment that afternoon. She told me she was going down to Egleston’s Hospital to take photos of a baby. I was not expecting what came next…that “the baby was no longer with us.”  MY HEART SANK, and I felt so terribly sad. Not only for the family, but for my friend who would be taking beautiful photographs of the baby who was already with her father in heaven. How terribly sad, but how wonderfully great to have the strength and desire to create a life-long treasure for the family, who’s baby is now in heaven. 

Jessica is a member of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, a foundation who gives families that are suffering loss of a baby a remembrance portraiture of their child. I was looking over their site…and just wanted to break down and cry. I can’t imagine going to the hospital to deliver my baby and not taking them home with me. I can’t fathom a loss of a child I had been carrying in my womb for close to 9 months. I do remember my first pregnancy and then miscarriage at 10-weeks, and how HEARTWRENCHING it was for me. My HEART goes out to those mothers.

Today I am SO thankful for my babies, who arrived healthy and safe here by God’s grace and also sad, for the one I lost. I am sad for all the babies who were lost (including the ones who never had a chance) and thankful for the Grace that God gives because HE LOVES US SO MUCH! I am also grateful to people like Jessica, who have a heart for Christ and helping others, in such a unique way, to deal with their pain.


Listen to this Selah song and video for Audrey Caroline called “I Will Carry You.” 

It is beautiful about the loss of a her baby.  

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