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Antiobiotics – making a STINK in my house!

October 30, 2010

I feel as though my entire week has been filled with poopy, smelly, yucky diapers! Dare I go on??? I know you want to hear about this….

Yes, my 10 month old, Benjamin, has the stinkers. I have almost given up on my cloth this week. I have to put every diaper straight into the wash, which is wearing me out! Doing loads of laundry every day is not my idea of fun;-) My poor baby is on his final day of antiobiotics for a double ear infection, which has killed his tummy. We finally went to the doctor a week ago after his symptoms weren’t getting any better. He was teething and I understand that ear infections can happen during the teething periods for some children. Per my pediatrician, I understand that my son needs the antiobiotic since getting better on his own wasn’t working fast enough, but seeing his stomach ripped apart makes me never want to use them again. Yes, I can do the breastmilk or garlic drops in the ear but these have not worked for me in the past. They take too long and don’t clear the infection. It just comes right back.

I don’t want my son to be in pain. You can tell his ears were bothering him and he would wake up at night, be up for hours, and cry. Either way, I can’t stand him being in pain from his ear infection and I can’t stand him having an upset tummy from the antiobiotic. So, in the end I give him the antiobiotics and then opt for FloraBaby aftercare.

FloraBaby by Renew Life is a probiotic formula created for infants and toddlers to replenish the good flora back to the digestive track after the antibiotics has killed off the good and bad bacteria. I have used probiotics for years and they work amazingly. I used to have IBS (or Irritable Bowel Syndome) and they were the ONLY thing that helped me. I also gave them to my first son when he had tummy issues and after a dose of antiobiotics, and they definitely seemed to aid in his recovery. I wish I could find a natural, yet effective solution to antiobiotics for my kids. If anyone has suggestions, please post comments! Until then, I will just keep using them only when necessary and then my FloraBaby.

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