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Adventures In Babywearing

I first discovered babywearing when my son had colic. At the time, I was reading the book by Dr. Sears called “The Fussy Baby Book.” One of the things that Dr. Sears advises most for fussy, colicky babies is babywearing. I was fortunate enough to have a sister-in-law who made baby slings and showed me how to make one. Here is a picture of it:

My first baby sling

I guess some babies can have trouble transitioning outside the womb, and therefore can become fussy and colicky. I’m not exactly sure if that was the reason behind my son’s colic, but the sling definitely helped. I loved having him close to me, especially while doing things around the house (there was only so long I could go without vacuuming, which also helped with colic!).

SLING TIP FROM DR. SEARS: The womb lasts eighteen months:
Nine months inside mother, and nine months outside.
Dr. Sears on Baby Wearing
With my second son, babywearing came very natural for me. I carried him from a very young age and am still carrying him today at 10 months old. Having a toddler and an infant can be quite challenging. With my first son, I used my stroller when going to the park or the mall, but that doesn’t work so well now. I have to constantly run around trying to keep up with my toddler, and using a stroller doesn’t always work for me. It becomes a nuisance trying to push it around…especially on the playground!

So, where do I wear my baby now? EVERYWHERE!

In my Mei Tai at "Touch a Truck"

When Getting my Baby to Sleep

Zoo Atlanta in a Freehand Baby Carrier

Southeast Railway Museum in my Boba

Wearing Benjamin in my Organic Boba

At home while getting my mail


Babywearing has been a total blessing for me, but not without some challenges. When using a Baby Bjorn and Mei Tai, I found that my back and shoulder would hurt every time I carried my big baby boy. I knew I wanted to still carry my baby but he was growing at a rapid rate and my small frame was not supporting his weight. Thankfully, the Lord put me in touch with Amber Stevens, owner of Heavenly Hold.  

Amber helped me find the perfect carrier for me, my back, and my big baby. She is an expert on babywearing, baby carriers, and natural parenting.  She also offers Babywearing Demo Parties in the Atlanta area where you can try out different slings and carriers. But the best thing about Amber is that she is a gentle spirit who loves Christ and helping others. To find the perfect baby carrier for you, Amber is a wealth of knowledge! You can visit her website at: or her facebook page

Well, I hope you too will enjoy the benefits and adventures in babywearing. 

Your baby will LOVE YOU FOR IT!

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