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Cloth Diapering

I love cloth diapering now but if you had asked me about cloth with my first son, I would have said, “No Way! I have no time for that!” I give credit to  my sister-in-law who showed me everything I needed to know about cloth and also this website: Diaperswappers

Diaperswappers is full of information. I have been on DS for years now and the site is just swarming with natural moms who are more than willing to offer suggestions on cloth, natural parenting, breastfeeding, birth, home school, vaccines…you name it, they discuss it.  They also have a huge marketplace. You can buy and sell cloth, post your handmade items for sell, post your website where you sell mama stuff…there are endless things to do there. I could stay on DS all day.

Cloth is so much easier now with so many options. I think finding the right option is the biggest challenge. I have tried just about every one, more out of curiosity than need. Of course, I had to learn all of the diaper lingo first…prefolds, fitteds, covers, pockets, AIOS, soakers, longies, hybrids, inserts, doublers, wetbags, snappis…there are endless pages of cloth terminology!

Here is a link on DS with all you need to know…if you have time to read it! DIAPERSWAPPERS Master Sticky

  1. Do I think cloth saves you money? Yes! But only if you aren’t like me and want to try every new thing that comes out. If you find a system and stick with it, you will definitely save a ton of cash. 
  2. Cloth vs. Disposables? Well, there are good and bad with both. I hated disposables with my first son because he leaked out of EVERY BRAND! By the time I tried cloth, he was older and it was harder to transition. Cloth is amazing for leaks. Disposables are easier in some ways since you don’t have to wash them, but you have to constantly go to the store to buy more…and think of all that waste sitting in landfills!
  3.  How do you choose the right cloth option? It really just depends on you and your baby. Some might fit better or make more sense for your family. Hybrids have cloth and disposable options that are biodegradable.
  4. Here is a great little website I found that can help with more questions.  Cloth 101

Embellished prefold with snappi

Wool Soaker

Fuzzibunz pocker diaper

GAD pocket diaper

 Some other good cloth diapering sites:


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